Country loaf, sourdough, multi-grain, wheaten, German type bread, French baguette, gluten-free or low-salt bread, whichever you prefer, you can simply found it in your neighbourhood Savoidakis store. For more than 20 years, we knead every morning over 30 kinds of bread by using only the purest ingredients. Enjoy.

For almost half a century, we daily create all time classic sweet flavours for a unique taste experience. Tempting chocolate desserts, freshly made millefeuilles, luscious bougatsa prepared with fresh milk and enticing cakes are just some of the favorites. You have no end of choices in Savoidakis bakery and patisserie.

What could be perfect than a fresh, tasty, delicious but still healthy treat? Freshly baked pies, traditional kalitsounia, puff pastries, sandwiches, apple pies and chocolate cakes are just some of our various suggestions to accompany your daily coffee or beverage.

Snacks are the classic delights of our daily routine. In our stores, you may choose among a wide selection of snacks based on the Mediterranean nutrition. The tasteful healthy eating has the signature of Savoidakis Bakery and Patisserie.


For us in Savoidakis Bakery & Patisserie, the concept of “extra fine” is always on top of everything we do: the selection of raw materials, the production, the packaging, the distribution, the customer service. We constantly seek for new concepts that will bring flavour, aroma and colour into your life.
On a daily basis, our major goal is to share with our costumers the passion for extra fine breads, desserts, and snacks. We are pleased when all your life moments, from the first “good morning” to the most special occasion of your life, go together with the flavours, the best regards and the signature of Savoidakis Bakery & Patisserie.
Further than the product quality and safety standards, we also focus on the satisfaction of our consumers. And more than that, we constantly seek ways to go from good to great, from fine to “extra fine”.


new delectable suggestions that brings the flavour, the aroma and the quality of Savoidakis Bakery and Patisserie in your days

Rye Bread

Rye Bread

Rye is a rich source of dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and Vitamin B-1. It is also a good source of phytoestrogens with antioxidant activity. Savoidakis Bakery and Patisserie makes healthy food tastes great.

Cretan round-shaped barley rusk

Cretan round-shaped barley rusk

This delightful recipe is the most authentic expression of the Cretan traditional nutrition. Moreover, it is a rich source of nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, polyphenols and lycopene.

Multi-grain bread sticks

Multi-grain bread sticks

Ideal source of energy paired with fine taste. Enjoy them with your salad for a highly nutritious meal

Sandwiches and Hamburgers

Sandwiches and Hamburgers

Select among our variety of enticing sandwiches and hamburgers made with top quality ingredients and freshly baked buns, and enjoy a splendid meal.



The New Year welcoming cream-filled treat is prepared with fresh milk, crispy filo pastry, chocolate bites and whipped cream according to the traditional recipe.

Delectable Cakes

Delectable cakes

Any version of cake you choose can perfectly accompany your afternoon coffee with a friend. Savoidakis sweetens your afternoon moments.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

The queen of confectionery gives a scrumptious full-bodied flavour with velvety texture that will pleasantly stimulate your taste.

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