Tasty suggestions

Savoidakis Bakery and Patisserie suggest you…

Start your day with muesli & cranberry bars, the just right combination of energy and fine taste.

For brunch, choose gluten-free brownies ideally paired with your coffee or tea, and get all of the pleasure, but none of the guilt.

Looking for replace the white bread? Our bakers suggest you a wide range of fine breads that you can daily fit in your eating habits instead. The spelt wheat, of which is made the dinkel bread roll, is high in fiber and minerals and more than that it is considered to be more digestible than the common wheat.

For a healthy but still delicious lunch at the office, you may choose salad or else sandwich of multi-grain bread with manouri cheese, turkey and fresh vegetables.

In case you desire a light dinner, combine your yogurt with barley or rye bread sticks. Barley and rye are cereals high in dietary fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and Vitamin B-1. They are also a rich source of phytoestrogens which have antioxidant activity.

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