Snack Meals

Our chefs are always available to suggest you several meals consisting of freshly baked goods: luscious sandwiches, toasted slices of traditional bread topped with the finest ingredients and tossed salads based on Mediterranean recipes, alongside a large range of goods for puff pastry lovers. In other words, your daily snack meal is our specialty.


Refreshing salads based on the Mediterranean nutrition are daily served in Savoidakis stores. Garden salad, Caprese, chicken fillet and green apple salad, as well as delicious pasta salads made with fresh vegetables are just some of our numerous suggestions. Every day, Savoidakis gives your healthy eating a rich taste.


During the day, you may choose your favorite from a variety of tempting sandwiches and hamburgers prepared with only the best ingredients and freshly baked buns. Or else, you may select the ingredients, customize your sandwich and enjoy a fresh meal whenever you prefer.


When talking about puff pastry, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is “cheese pie” and namely, the typical cheese pie, the kourou cheese pie (shortcrust pastry) or the multi-grain one etc. Although, Savoidakis Bakery and Patisserie has a great range of puff pastry goods to offer: freshly baked sausage rolls, appetizing ham & cheese turnovers, spinach twister (spiral filo dough pie), pumpkin pie, cheese-filled corn bread roll, homemade herbs pie, fluffy croissants, sweet mizithra cheese pastries and yet the traditional Cretan bougatsa (cream-filled pie made with filo pastry). In addition, there are various mini savouries and sweets like chocolate pie, apple pie, croissants and dozens more. Your most tasteful experience always relates to the flavours of Savoidakis Bakery and Patisserie.

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