Our Workforce

For Savoisakis S.A, its workforce constitutes the most competitive characteristic and an important asset for the company.

We deeply believe that without the creativity, the enthusiasm and the devotion of our employees, we would not succeed either our vision or our plans and especially in terms of the non-stop challenging evolution.

Ensuring the teamwork is our major interest. That is why we monitor each step within the procedure concerning the selection of the appropriate personnel and the integration of the newly hired employees. In addition, the ongoing training and the skill elaboration of our employees are efficiently safeguarding this framework.

Altogether, we set high targets at each stage of our activity; we promote the initiative, the innovation and the experimentation in order to become better.

We apply not only accredited methods of training but also security and hygiene policies. Furthermore, we permanently provide support and coaching to our employees.

Our “family” consists of 300 persons that act in concert with collegiality and solidarity whereas there are over 1000 indirect work places supported by our activities.

On the one hand, there are our shop assistants who are always welcoming and helpful.

On the other hand, there are the “behind the scenes” employees who give their best on a daily basis within the manufacturing; namely, behind the counters or on the handling trucks. Due to all of them, you can enjoy fresh and extra fine goods every day. For almost half a century, we work hard day to day.

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