Sweet & Dessert

Every day we create unique sweet experiences. Our pastry chefs prepare enticing sweets and delicacies using only top quality and certified raw materials.


Chocolate is the queen of confectionery. Besides, the pastry cream was perhaps the greatest invention in the history of confectionery imagining its dense taste and velvety texture that awaken the senses. Therefore, chocolate and pastry cream co-star in every one of our sweet stories… We have a wide selection of sweets and desserts to offer, from cream cakes to adorable sponge cakes. Or else, classic chocolate cake, cheesecake, gianduja cream cake, enticing tiramisu and millefeuille or Budapest cake… Moreover, there are chocolate crepes, fruit tarts, éclairs, and Greek kok cream puffs. For almost half a century, Savoidakis Patisserie makes up awesome sweet stories…


Authentic recipes derive from Asia Minor… In Savoidakis Bakery & Patisserie, we daily bake fresh syrup sweets inspired from both Smyrna and Constantinople.


We have also created a great selection of small sweet temptations to satisfy all tastes: mini truffles, chocolate rocks, pralines, cream cakes and syrup sweets both in cocktail size, as well as retro style treats like kok cream puffs, éclairs, carioca (Greek chocolate treat), Florentines etc. Our delightful sweets and treats are the ideal choice for any occasion.

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